Decorative Concrete Santa Maria CA

Decorative concrete will give your Santa Maria property both beauty and purpose. Instead of drab, gray blocks, there are countless color and design options. Decorative concrete has tremendous flexibility in its appearance. The outdoor flooring looks similar to premium materials but costs much less. Create a design with a textured or smooth surface in any pattern. Decorative concrete has the versatility to appear as genuine masonry. Create a look of brick, slate, marble, cobble, or rough stone. Other examples are shelled stucco, tile, and wood grain in the chosen color and finish. Our contractors specialize in custom decorative concrete in Santa Maria, CA. We love getting creative and coming up with ideas with our customers. Choose a pigmented or transparent stain along with a pattern and other features. We also lay concrete pavers to build walking paths, patios, pool decks, and driveways. Select from different shapes and borders, or combine colors and styles. Our decorative concrete contractors add grooves and other elements to designs as well. Hardscaping services give you endless possibilities to transform your outdoor space. We resurface areas and work on refinishing exposed aggregate in Santa Maria. Our professionals also apply protective coatings to any surfaces out in the open. We’ll seal decorative concrete pool patios, courtyards, and driveways. 

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stamped concrete installation Santa Maria ca

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    Stamped Concrete Santa Maria CA

    Our contractors specialize in stamped concrete applications in Santa Maria, CA. We imprint embossed designs before the surface fully cures. The texture and pattern will enhance your patio, pool deck, or driveway. Stamped concrete accentuates property exteriors and comes in various colors. Imprints are made with a presser or hand carved to feature your desired style. Poured concrete costs less than high-end outdoor flooring materials. However, decorative designs look like authentic stone, brick, or tile. We also create faux wood grain using a broom to stamp concrete. Our contractors use several techniques to deliver the best results. Some examples include grooved, stenciled, tinted, or engraved surfaces. We also apply stains and sealers to stamped concrete based on your needs and the setting. We’ll work with you on creating a perfect pattern for your hardscaping project. Feel free to get ideas online for your stamped concrete project in Santa Maria, CA. Save the photos and show us during a free in-person quote. 

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    Concrete Resurfacing Santa Maria CA

    We provide concrete resurfacing services to repair or change the look of hardscaping. Our licensed and insured contractors work on driveways, patios, pool decks, and walkways. Services also include resurfacing poured concrete in open courtyard areas. We update worn-out outdoor flooring or repair damage. Cracks, gaps, and holes will no longer be a problem once we restore the surface. We apply a thin cement mixture on top of existing poured concrete. This service gives you a chance to change the color or pattern of your hardscaping. Choose decorative concrete to transform the exterior of your Santa Maria property. Resurfacing cuts costs by sparing you from undergoing a complete replacement and installation. Patio, pool deck, and driveway restoration projects also reduce maintenance. Our contractors also resurface older exposed aggregate to give it a new finish. Weeds will no longer need to be filled, and insect infestations won’t invade your space.

    Fortunately, Santa Maria weather provides ideal conditions to deliver the best results. Concrete resurfacing on outdoor flooring may last 10-20 years if done correctly. Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo County have the perfect year-round climate. Our concrete contractors will plan for the hardscaping service appropriately. Low humidity, no rain, and temperatures between 70º-75º are the best setting for resurfacing.

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    Benefits of Decorative Concrete

    The benefits of decorative concrete go beyond adding visual appeal to outdoor spaces. Have our local company update the exterior of your Santa Maria property. We install and resurface driveways, pool decks, patios, and walking paths. Our licensed and insured contractors offer free on-site quotes. We serve nearby areas in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo County, CA.

    Many benefits of decorative concrete include:

    • Cost-Effectiveness: Our hardscaping services are an economical choice and deliver long-lasting results. Decorative and stamped concrete are affordable choices compared to other materials. We design surfaces that feature a premium, high-end finish. Decorative concrete imitates natural stone, tile, brick, masonry, or wood grain. 
    • Versatile Designs: There are endless color and pattern options for your Santa Maria hardscaping. Our licensed and insured contractors can combine shades and prints of stamped concrete. You can choose to add texture to your outdoor flooring or select exposed aggregate. We also install decorative concrete pavers and borders to give surfaces dimension.
    • Handles High Traffic: We install and restore surfaces to optimize durability and longevity. Busy outdoor areas in Santa Maria, CA, benefit from stamped or decorative concrete. Your patio or pool deck will be able to handle heavy foot traffic. Decorative concrete driveways can withstand the weight of vehicles and the California weather.   
    • Safety: A textured concrete pool deck or patio offers visual appeal and protection. The slip-resistant surface keeps swimmers safe when they’re not in the water. We can hand carve or press the decorative concrete to reduce the risk of falling. Textured surfaces stay cool to protect bare feet when walking outside. Our concrete patio contractors also fill in gaps or holes that may cause someone to trip.
    • Increases Property Value: Hardscaping will raise the resale value of your Santa Maria home. Concrete pavers and slabs are an environmentally friendly choice for property exteriors. Repairs and resurfacing can rejuvenate old or damaged surfaces to look appealing. Decorative concrete lasts for many years and attracts prospective buyers.
    • Little Maintenance: Cleaning your outdoor patio flooring or driveway will be easier. Use a broom to sweep any debris up from decorative and stamped concrete. Any green algae growth can be power washed or scrubbed with soap and water. Also, a freshly poured concrete slab has no cracks or gaps. The new surface will reduce the need to pull out weeds and prevent insect infestation. Our contractors also fill in joints if you choose concrete pavers.

    We provide free estimates and competitive prices to Santa Maria and surrounding areas. Contact us for an on-site quote if the benefits of decorative concrete sound good to you. Please fill out the form on this page or give us a call to set up an estimate. Our company looks forward to hearing about your concrete project.